MAGE Relic NFTs — Multi-Passes to the Metaverse

4 min readDec 15, 2021
Master, Oracle, and Archmage Relic NFTs

What are MAGE Relics?

Each MAGE Relic is a “Multi-Pass to the Metaverse” in the form of an ERC-721 token. These NFTs can only be officially minted on the MetaBrands website and after minting they are transferable. In order to create these relics, it will require a sacrifice or burning of MAGE tokens. All of these MAGE Relic NFTs are stackable, meaning that the owner will receive benefits from each individual NFT. There may be certain cases in which an owner only needs 1 to gain certain access, permissions, or benefits. Below are the current list of benefits and use cases.

Key Benefits & Use Cases

Yield Airdrops

  • MAGE Tokens & Partner Tokens
  • MetaBrands contributions that earn yield from different levels of participation will be airdropped MAGE tokens to owners of the Master Relic (tokens purchased from the public market).

DAO Participation

  • Voting
  • Create Proposals in the DAO for consideration (DAO Portal)
  • Create, Vote, Approve, and Challenge Proposals in the DAO for implementation


  • Access and participation in MetaBrands Ventures (Private Allocations)
  • Access to private areas in different Metaverse Ecosystems
  • Access to private Discord Channels with exclusive benefits
3 Types of MAGE Relics: Master, Oracle, and Archmage

Types of MAGE Relics

Master: 10,000 MAGE Required

Oracle: 25,000 MAGE Required

Archmage: 50,000 MAGE Required

How to Acquire a MAGE Relic NFT

MAGE Relic NFTs can ONLY be minted on the official MetaBrands website, through the NFT minting portal. Once these relics are crafted, they are able to be transferred, bought, sold, and traded. MetaBrands will also encourage and support the trading of these relics on OpenSea and other approved NFT marketplaces. As ERC-721 tokens, the owner can do as they please, but MetaBrands strongly encourages anyone interested in these MAGE Relics to only trust official announcements, contract information, and updates from official MetaBrands channels.

*Stay tuned for the official MetaBrands collection on OpenSea. Do NOT trust any other sources for official MetaBrands news, announcements, and contract information.

Scarcity of MAGE Relic NFTs

  • Deflationary Supply of MAGE Tokens
  • Dual Burning Methods
  • Higher Barrier Entry

The total supply of MAGE is fixed at 100,000,000. This means that if every single MAGE token was used to mint relics, there can only be a possibility of:

Maximum Supply of Master Relics= 10,000
Maximum Supply of Oracle Relics = 4,000
Maximum Supply of Archmage Relics = 2,000

With approximately 30% of total supply being emitted within the first year, this means that there can only be a possibility of:

Maximum Supply of Master Relics = 3,000
Maximum Supply of Oracle Relics = 1,200
Maximum Supply of Archmage Relics = 600

If one were to put this into the perspective of a 10,000 PFP Minting Project, the MetaBrands total relic supply starts at a maximum supply of 3,000 NFTs within the first year. The chances of this happening are even more rare since MetaBrands is oversubscribed with thousands of participants, who will also receive a gradual distribution of MAGE tokens. Additionally, this is not factoring in the burning of tokens from the Yield Program and also the burning of MAGE tokens to mint the Relics, reducing the total and circulating supply. This unique model, paired with multiple utilities for the relics gamifies the MAGE Relic crafting experience, creating a higher barrier of entry as time progresses, and a higher demand for the relics as the project evolves. Finally, this rewards early relic owners as the initial yield airdropped would grow along with the project and less yield is shared to others as it makes it harder to craft a relic.

Future Integrations

The long-term plan for the MAGE Relic NFTs is for the owner to be granted special powers and abilities in different ecosystems, on different platforms, and within different games. As MetaBrands partners with other ecosystems and brands, it will be able to assign additional benefits for the owners of the these relics, based off of the agreement between both parties. Additionally, MetaBrands wants to be able to offer bridges for these NFTs to other blockchain ecosystems, just like with the MAGE token. It has long been a part of the MetaBrands vision and strategy to have interoperability and cross-chain functionality, as neither MetaBrands nor its assets are designed to be limited to one environment.

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