MetaBrands Joins MegaCube 2.0 by Polygonal Mind

4 min readMay 4, 2022


🗓️ Starts May 6, 2022

MetaBrands is happy to announce that it is officially sponsoring the second ever, massively multiplayer Decentraland game and event, MegaCube. MegaCube was created by Polygonal Mind and is a one-of-a-kind event where players can mine layers on a “MegaCube” that is located in Decentraland. Participants can begin to mine from all different sides of the cube in hopes to eventually reach the center or the core, where there are an abundance of rewards. These rewards range from fungible tokens to non-fungible tokens from a multitude of projects, as well as different blockchains.

Image by Polygonal Mind

MetaBrands’ Involvement

MetaBrands will be joining this special event as a Gold Sponsor, which means that there will be MetaBrands NFTs available as rewards in the MegaCube, 3 DCL Wearables will be created and available for the MetaBrands community, a custom booth in the MegaCube MegaHall, a limited POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) available for participants to claim, and much more.

5 Master Relics Available to mine in the MegaCube 2.0

“We are honored to be able to support both Polygonal Mind’s innovative endeavors and officially support MegaCube 2.0. Last year, both Josep Gonzalez and myself were able to participate and immediately see the grand vision and value that the Polygonal Mind team was offering to the entire space — a gigantic, inclusive event where everyone who participated benefitted in someway. We are confident the team will only continue to improve and innovate the MegaCube concept and event, which is why we were going to make certain we would support this year.”

— YuurinBee, MetaBrands DAO Advisor

“Join the Party! Come together with us and play MegaCube 2.0! We will be recording the event when our layers are visible and if you let us know your nickname in Discord, we will mention you in our video! It’s a magical opportunity to meet for the very first time with the MetaBrands team members in a 3D environment (Decentraland) in the Metaverse!”

— Josep Gonzalez, MetaBrands DAO Advisor

MegaCube 1.0 Stats

  • 452 Rewards (Estimated over 100+ ETH in value)
  • 2429 Players
  • 396270 Cubes Mined
  • 1,188,110 Clicks

Projected MegaCube 2.0 Stats

  • $1m+ worth of Rewards
  • 10,000+ Players
Beta Testing for MegaCube 2.0

What is MegaCube?


“ MegaCube is a gigantic cube composed of smaller cubes that have to be mined one by one, click by click, layer by layer, until the core is reached.

A long lasting collaborative experience between metaverse citizens to discover what’s inside the cube.

Megacube 2 features 100 Layers, like an onion, representing NFT Projects and NFT Artists. Players can find juicy NFT and ERC-20 rewards from Sponsors and Artists by mining the cube.

The first player to mine the last cube gets at least 1 reward from every Sponsor.”

📦 Visit MegaCube in Decentraland

➡️ ️Learn more about MegaCube

What is Polygonal Mind?

“This project is being developed by Polygonal Mind, a creative development studio that imagines, designs and develops stunning environments, avatars and experiences for the Metaverse, with a huge artistic value.

Polygonal Mind has plenty of experience building games, galleries and experiences in Decentraland. Now they want to push the limits of the platform a bit further by creating the biggest multiplayer experience in Decentraland to date. Again.”

Connect with Polygonal Mind!

Website | Twitter | Discord | Instagram | Decentraland

Read the Mage Manual
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