MetaBrands Joins MegaCube 2.0 by Polygonal Mind

🗓️ Starts May 6, 2022
Image by Polygonal Mind

MetaBrands’ Involvement

5 Master Relics Available to mine in the MegaCube 2.0

MegaCube 1.0 Stats

  • 452 Rewards (Estimated over 100+ ETH in value)
  • 2429 Players
  • 396270 Cubes Mined
  • 1,188,110 Clicks

Projected MegaCube 2.0 Stats

  • $1m+ worth of Rewards
  • 10,000+ Players
Beta Testing for MegaCube 2.0

What is MegaCube?

What is Polygonal Mind?

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Read the Mage Manual
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