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As of recently, there have been a lot of eyes on a project that was launched in 2019 by the name of CryptoSkulls. CryptoSkulls are 10,000 unique, collectible ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) stored on Ethereum / Polygon blockchains. Each CryptoSkull possesses a combination of 10 unique properties that will be utilized in the game. Public figures in the space of NFTs like Gary Vee, 3Lau, Fabien Causeur, Crystal Hefner, and others have been sharing their excitement for this project and describing CryptoSkulls a special Pre-2020 NFT project, with a different DNA. Due to the recent hype, people have even been selling their CryptoPunks to acquire CryptoSkulls.

CryptoSkulls Game

After the release of CryptoSkulls NFTs, 2 years later they also released a GSK Token (Gold of Skulls) and are planning to build out a game that incorporates all of the Skulls and their unique abilities in-game.

“Every CryptoSkull is a playable token in Gold of Skulls game (planned release — autumn-winter 2021). This game will be the first game where the uniqueness of the collectible token will affect the uniqueness of the player. And it will be revolutionary. To support game development we marked 1,000 CryptoSkulls as Game Token — these tokens will have extra features in a game!”

“ We also developed a limited Gold of Skulls (GSK) coin (ERC-20 token standard). Total supply: 10,000,000 GSK. Earn GSK in Gold of Skulls game, use as a payment token on the largest NFT-marketplaces like OpenSea and in partner projects or send to friends as a gift.”

Josep Gonzalez — DAO Advisor for

Josep Gonazalez, many of whom know as the founder of, is one of the original 12 DAO Advisors for MetaBrands. Early in 2019, Josep met Alex, the founder of CryptoSkulls, and began supporting the project through the CoinDreams mobile app. As an initiative to help connect MetaBrands deeper into emerging NFTs, Josep decided to donate the CryptoSkulls #116 (Sliahao) to the MetaBrands Treasury and put forth a DAO proposal for MetaBrands to acquire CryptoSkulls and get more involved to contribute to the growth of the CryptoSkulls ecosystem.

A short story about how I got into CryptoSkulls

“In 2019, I was listing events from Blockchain Games and other NFT projects. Nowadays, airdrop and giveaway websites list NFT projects, but CoinDreams was one of the first apps or even the first one to list and share with the community about NFTs. I personally always thought that NFTs had huge potential that needed to be shared.

I don’t remember who contacted who but at some point, Alex (co-founder of CryptoSkulls) and me were talking about CryptoSkulls in June of 2019 and how to improve the visibility of the project. Alex created the Discord server and he wanted to promote it and get more people to join the server. That’s how the first ever event of CryptoSkulls was listed in CoinDreams on 27th of June, 2019. The first 100 participants earned 1 Skull just for retweeting and join the Discord server. So easy like that.

We listed many events and always supported CryptoSkulls from our social media accounts like Twitter. Something beautiful that only OG members will remember is how generous Alex was. A lot of members had many chances to get free Skulls just to be loyal and participate in different activities. The community of CryptoSkulls was a little one, but people were always there to support the project.”

Josep Gonzalez, MetaBrands DAO Advisor & Founder of

*(Read an additional bit on how Josep got into CryptoSkulls at the bottom)

MetaBrands, Metaverse Resource DAO and CryptoSkulls

CryptoSkull #116 Sliahao
MetaBrands CryptoSkulls (#412, #1153, #366 Game Token, #116)

On January 19th, the DAO proposal created by Josep has a window of 24 hours to see if the MetaBrands community and DAO would like to acquire 3 CryptoSkulls to add to the Treasury. At the end of the 24 hour period, there were 654,000 MAGE votes in favor of acquiring these Skulls. See the DAO proposal on the Snapshot Platform, here .

Current Results on the CryptoSkull Proposal for MetaBrands

Thanks to the assistance of Josep, MetaBrands Treasury now owns 4 Skulls, after the acquisition of 3 and the donation of 1. MetaBrands would plan to hold these Skulls and be able to further support CryptoSkulls in their mission with game development and building out their ecosystem.

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Additional Comments by Josep Gonzalez

“Why did I hold my Skulls for more than 2 years?”

“First of all, I have to say that I am a huge fan of pixel art… maybe not every piece but almost everything related to pixel art and voxel art — they hit my heart strings.😍

CryptoSkulls was one of the first projects that I fell in love with. The design and the aesthetics of the Skulls was a very particular one and it truly reminded me of the old 8-bit Atari games. We usually think about Skulls as something related to Death but in many cultures, Skulls are also a symbol of wisdom. So, the meaning of these Skulls vary greatly and depending on the patterns, they could be interpreted in many ways — including their own personalities. This added to the trait name that helped them become a unique piece of art. Those are the key points that I had in mind when I decided to keep my Skulls. I consider myself a collector and I’ve been collecting since 2018. These Skulls have always been a style of art that I like to carry proudly with me and most likely will keep for many, many years 😄

It’s important to notice that in 2019, the concept of PFPs (Profile Picture NFTs) didn’t exist yet and we all knew these kind of NFTs as simple “Collectibles”. Obviously, people used them for their avatars in social medias, but we didn’t refer to them as PFPs, like how we talk nowadays. So, beyond the collectible aspect, there was another interesting point related to these Skulls that we haven’t uncovered.

Because we can’t forget what’s coming: The development of a game named “Gold of Skulls”! This game is still in progress and all owners of the 10k Skulls from the OG collection will also be able to claim $GSK tokens for each Skull that they own. Alex already said that the game won’t be a AAA game because that would require a lot of funds and a significant increase of time for the development, but I’m pretty sure that they will come with a very interesting Play-to-Earn game that we will all love.”

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