Pangolin DEX Super Farms are Live — Farm $MAGE & $PNG

Farm $MAGE & $PNG Tokens on Pangolin DEX

As of Wednesday, January 19th, Pangolin DEX just released their Super Farms. These Super Farms allow for their DEX users to be able to earn multiple rewards for adding to existing Pangolin liquidity pools. This is a great initiative to be able to incentivize a growing TVL and more liquidity being traded on this Avalanche DEX. MetaBrands is happy to support this campaign by contributing 100,000 MAGE tokens that will be distributed over the next 4 weeks.

🧑‍🌾 Happy Farming!

Below is a simple guide on how you can add to the AVAX/MAGE Liquidity Pool on Pangolin and start farming and earning both $MAGE and $PNG tokens.

Step 1: Acquire AVAX & MAGE Tokens

You can acquire both AVAX and MAGE on Pangolin DEX, as well as on the Ethereum network. If you trade on Ethereum, you will need to utilize the AVAX Bridge or the Multichain (Formerly AnySwap) Bridge to get your tokens on the Avalanche Network. Make sure your tokens are on Avalanche before proceeding to the next steps.

*For those looking to help bridge and acquire MAGE tokens, read this article.

Step 2: Add to the AVAX/MAGE Liquidity Pool

To do so, visit the Pool page on the Pangolin DEX, here. Click on the “Add Liquidity” button and enter the equivalent or matched value of your AVAX and MAGE tokens you would like to contribute to the liquidity pool. You will need to confirm the blockchain transactions and pay fees in the AVAX token. Once, you have successfully added to the liquidity pool with both tokens, you will be given LP tokens. This is what you will use to stake and earn additional rewards in the next step.

Step 3: Stake your AVAX/MAGE LP Tokens

Navigate to the Farms (v2) page and find the AVAX/MAGE Farm, here. Click on the farm and then first “Approve” the blockchain transaction and once that has confirmed, you can “Deposit” your LP tokens to begin farming. After your transaction is complete, it will display your total holdings and rewards in that liquidity pool.

Step 4: View your Holdings & Earnings

After you have deposited and staked your LP tokens, you can refresh the page and it will display the current stats for the farm. Click “Manage” and it will take you to a new page, displaying your pending rewards that you can claim.

*Note: You can withdraw your LP tokens from being staked (in the farm) and then removed your tokens from the liquidity pool at anytime. Only several blockchain actions required.

✨Congratulations! Enjoy your farming rewards…

Special thanks to our partners at Pangolin!

Read the Mage Manual

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