Partnership: MetaBrands + BlackDragon

MetaBrands is honored to announce the newest partner, ! BlackDragon will be backing MetaBrands in the Private Round and supporting with marketing and outreach initiatives. By combining forces, this allows MetaBrands to expand into wider networks and give many supporters a more direct introduction to the metaverse.

Black Dragon Investment Tracking App

What is BlackDragon?

BlackDragon is a well-respected and reputable Venture Capital company that was established in 2017. Their community consists of many individuals with a high net worth, who are actively investing into early stage projects. In the investment space, BlackDragon maintains a high authority and acknowledged for their strict vetting process to ensure only reputable projects are backed. On their official website, they share an impressive portfolio of projects they have backed that includes: , , , , and ().

“BlackDragon is a decentralized blockchain-native fundraising group with dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research teams. We support the projects we invest in by providing invaluable resources in marketing, advisory, community growth and access to our expansive, yet exclusive industry network.”

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