Partnership: MetaBrands + Chibi Dinos

4 min readMar 22, 2022


MetaBrands is thrilled to announce a partnership with the first themed basketball play-to-earn blockchain game, Chibi Dinos. This is a long-term partnership and collaboration where MetaBrands will be opening a portal into the ChibiVerse. Chibi Dinos has positioned itself to be a first mover in the collectible NFTs, sports, and e-sports markets. MetaBrands is supporting the project through incubation, marketing, community growth and guild establishment.

​​What is Chibi Dinos?

Chibi Dinos are developing a Play-to-Earn ecosystem that is taking a multi-chain approach by supporting Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum. By opening more portals and bridges to different blockchain ecosystems, it increases accessibility for more players around the world. Inside this play-to-earn environment, there are different ways for players to engage and participate, which utilize the Chibi Dino NFTs. The Chibi Dino NFTs are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated dinosaurs created in a cute, chibi style, available on the Ethereum Network.

Chibi Dinos Story & Lore

“Planet Hoop, the home planet of Chibi Dinos, is a strange and distant place where a basketball-like game is at the center of society. Before the formation of the Unity, and the creation of the Primal Hoop games, a catastrophic incident destroyed planet Hoop’s sacred Orb and catapulted Chibi Dino society onto a new path. Remnants of The Orb and cargo from a mysterious ship scattered across planet Hoop after the incident. Although the past has faded away for many Chibis, there are still those searching for these ancient relics in the hopes that they can score big or to develop new skills and eventually achieve Legendary Chibi status.”

ChibiVerse — Chibi Dinos Ecosystem

These Chibis will empower players to engage in the ChibiVerse ecosystem in three different gameplay modes:

  • The Predictor Game where players can make predictions on NBA and other basketball tournaments and also compete against each other to earn exclusive rewards while leveling up and adding value to their Dinos.
  • The Primal Hoop Adventure mode is where players learn more about the world of planet Hoop. In this mode a Chibi Dino will gain experience, level up, develop a skill tree, score rare wearable gear, generate brand new Chibi Dinos from eggs, and fight villains in their quest to find pieces of their demolished sacred moon, developing techniques that will be handy in the 3v3 Primal Hoop basketball game.
  • The Primal Hoop basketball mode offers a competitive arcade basketball experience. The gameplay will include a simple move structure, with the ability to pass, steal, shoot, block, and perform special moves. Players will have their Dinos compete in basketball games of 1v1 or in teams of 3, and may have up to 2 Chibi Dinos on their bench. The earning structure is based on both games played, as well as a player’s progression in leveling up their team throughout the game.

Chibi Dinos offers a multitude of opportunities for players to earn in the ecosystem:

  • Competing in the Primal Hoop basketball game
  • Completing in-game challenges
  • Farming and exchanging SWAG tokens
  • Hatching and selling Chibi Dinos
  • Selling gear
  • Renting your Chibi Dinos for the draft
  • Staking a Legendary Chibi Dino to run a Bootcamp
  • Participating in HOOP token governance/staking

MetaBrands Involvement & Participation

  • Incubation through MetaBrands Ventures
  • Guild Establishment
  • Game Testing
  • Marketing & Content Curation (Updates, Development, & Guides)

MetaBrands is happy to have helped incubate the HOOP token through private rounds and extend this opportunity to MAGE Relic NFT owners via MetaBrands Ventures. Much of the focus will be on improving the overall player experience by having passionate gamers help to test in all different stages of the game development. Furthermore, MetaBrands has deployed resources to help create a guild and help Chibi Dinos expand its playerbase and play-to-earn ecosystem.

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