Partnership: MetaBrands + DEXT Force Ventures

MetaBrands is happy to announce the most recent partnership with DEXT Force Ventures. This partnership will allow exposure to a wider audience and strengthens the Gateway to the Metaverse. Thanks to DEXT Force Ventures, the MetaBrands Seed Round officially closed, being 3.5x oversubscribed!🥳

What is DEXT Force Ventures?

DEXT Force Ventures (DFV) is the investment arm of DEXTools and helps projects from incubation stage to public listing and beyond. DFV has a powerfully positive reputation helping to facilitate initial fundraising for many successful projects. Millions of users are utilizing DEXTools for their multi-chain analytics, wallet tracker, and more as they are an all-in-one tool to stay informed and trade smarter. To learn more about DEXT, visit their website or join their community on Telegram.

MetaBrands & MAGE Benefits

Aside from the exposure to both the DFV and DEXT community, the MAGE Token will receive a DFV-backed badge on This helps to increase the MetaBrands reputation and trust, along with additional marketing support for 3 advertisement placements in front of millions of viewers and social media endorsement.

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DEXTools Benefits

As a seed backer in MetaBrands, DEXTools will receive continual support and endorsement for their platform, ecosystem, and community. Some benefits include additional exposure for DEXT when Metabrands pays for promotions, eSport sponsorship, and honorary placement in MetaBrands HQ in the Metaverse.

Promo NFT Event

MetaBrands will be minting limited edition Promo NFTs of Mana, The GateKeeper wearing DEXT-inspired gear. These NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Initially, these NFTs will be created as tokens of appreciation and gifts to be shared with the community, but their future uses cases are yet to be determined.

DEXT Token Giveaway🎉

To celebrate this new partnership, MetaBrands will be giving away 1,000 DEXT tokens to one lucky winner. Get the competitive edge by holding these 1,000 DEXT tokens to gain lifetime access to DEXTools paid features & DEXTFORCE!

> Enter Contest Here

The giveaway contest was announced on Twitter. This giveaway will run for 2 weeks, through the Gleam platform. Good Luck, everyone!

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