Partnership: MetaBrands + Islander

3 min readMar 3, 2022


MetaBrands and Islander have partnered up to be able to bring more awareness and engagement to the Avalanche ecosystem. By contributing to the Islander platform with Quests and rewards, MetaBrands is encouraging and incentivizing new users to signup on Islander, learn about MetaBrands, and also find other great projects on Avalanche. Creating fun and engaging quests or campaigns promotes this “Learn-to-Earn” social model that Islander is working hard to refine. This helps to reduce the barrier entry for many new people looking to explore and get into Web3, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency.

What is Islander?

Growth Hacking Tool for Crypto Projects

Islander is an entire social ecosystem built on the Avalanche ecosystem that helps projects to leverage their social reach and grow their communities. By allowing projects to create “Quests” that are a series of tasks for users to complete, they can earn tokens and rewards that are provided by the projects. Currently, Islander requires all of its users to complete a KYC process in order to help prevent bots and many users from trying to gamify the system. They do this to help ensure that genuine participants are learning about new projects and earning rewards… what they consider “Learn-to-Earn”.

MetaBrands — MAGE Island

MetaBrands — MAGE Island

MetaBrands has created its own “MAGE Island” inside of the Islander ecosystem, thanks to support from the core team. At the MAGE Island, we will provide Quests and opportunities for people to learn more about MetaBrands, our partners, and fun ways to earn $MAGE tokens and additional rewards.

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