Partnership: MetaBrands + Mad Droids

4 min readFeb 23, 2022

MetaBrands is happy to announce the latest strategic partnership with Mad Droids! This is a long-term partnership and collaboration that will initially focus on assisting with the successful launch of the Mad Droids Genesis Developer NFT Collection. Once Phase 1 is complete, Mad Droids will move forward to deploy their play-to-earn game to the public, which will require these Genesis Developer NFTs. Throughout this process, MetaBrands will stay aligned with Mad Droids’ needs and goals to help provide additional resources, support, and advisory services.

What is Mad Droids?

Mad Droids is an Ethereum-based ecosystem that is focused on creating its own Universe, linking the real world with the digital world through AR (Augmented Reality) or XR (Extended Reality). Players will use their Genesis Developer NFTs in order to interact with the real world through the Mad Droids AR mobile application. Similar to PokemonGo, developers are on a mission to “catch” and reprogram evil droids in order save the universe. By successfully reprogramming these “Mad Droids”, the developers can convert them to temporarily work and do tasks for them, earning the play-to-earn currency DROID tokens.

Mad Droids Story & Lore

A great threat is among us, they are the MAD DROIDS, who are all over the planet ready to sabotage the new crypto revolution and prevent the world from adopting the metaverse.

Fortunately an army of 10,000 developers from the future have come to save us! Bringing the technology to find, reprogram, and put them to work for the good of web3 mainstream adoption.

Benefits for Mad Droids

As well as being an official Partner of Mad Droids, MetaBrands is also actively assisting with Advisory Services, including official support from 3 MetaBrands DAO Advisors (Cacalillos, YuurinBee, Adrian). In Phase 1 (Genesis Developer NFT Minting), MetaBrands will be focusing on deeper exposure in NFT niche markets, community growth, and incubation by facilitating well-distributed Whitelisting allocations to other prominent communities.

Mad Droids will be joining the MetaBrands Alliance, which provides access to all of the following services, if necessary:

- Brand Identity & Presentation
- Foundation & Tokenomics
- Solidity Smart Contract Development
- DAO Advisory Service (14+ DAO Advisors)
- Co-Marketing & Content Curation
- Strategic Connections & Marketing Influencers
- Incubation Investment (MetaBrands Ventures & Treasury)
- Alpha & Beta Game/Platform Testing
- Community Management
- Resource Deployment for Scholarships & Guild Development

Benefits to MAGE Relic Owners

MetaBrands is constantly looking for partners that understand the value of interoperability and NFT utility — Mad Droids is a prime example of this. MAGE Relic NFT owners will be given Whitelisting spots for the MAD Droids Genesis Developer NFT Minting. In order to be eligible, Relic owners need to verify ownerships through the Mana Bot in the MetaBrands Discord, which will automatically provide a premium role and access to private channels.

🧙 Don’t have a MAGE Relic? Mint yours now.

Further Integrations & Utility

Discussions are currently in place between both projects to find potential perks and benefits for MAGE Relic NFT owners. Some examples of these perks would pertain to the Mad Droids game and could potentially be boosts to the Developer NFTs: better visibility, higher droid count by x%, higher $DROID drop rate by x%, longer conversion time of reprogramming, and more. The important aspect to highlight with this model is finding a healthy and sustainable way to integrate another ecosystem’s assets by not making it pay-to-win or providing disproportionate and unfair advantages in game.

Connect with Mad Droids!

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Looking for Whitelisting allocations for Mad Droids? Shoot us an email at and let’s explore potential value share and how your project can help assist Mad Droids with their vision and goals.

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