Partnership: MetaBrands + OuterRing — A Deep Space MMORPG Metaverse

4 min readDec 29, 2021


MetaBrands is excited to announce our latest strategic partner and advisory services for OuterRing! This partnership is in alignment with MetaBrands vision and our collaboration will strengthen the foundation of both projects by linking and connecting many ecosystems and communities.

What is Outer Ring MMO?

Outer Ring is classified as an MMORPG, which stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. For those who may not be familiar, some popular MMOs you might recognize are WoW (World of Warcraft), Fortnite, Guild Wars, or Runescape, which are defined by an open-world environment with thousands of players that can come together to role-play, leveling up their hero/characters, unlock new skills, abilities, and accomplish achievements by progressing throughout the game.

One of the biggest advantages of an MMO is that there are no real endings to the game. This strengthens user retention by offering expansive gameplay and endless possibilities for user engagement!

Fight for control and harvest valuable resources in Outer Ring’s sci-fi space MMORPG featuring multiple classes and fractions spanning across different planets and galaxies.

Outer Ring’s MMO metaverse dives deep with an extensive lore for a rich captivating gameplay; collectible resources and upgradable NFTs for play-to-earn opportunities, social participation or collaboration for interconnectivity all stimulated by a real in-game economy.

One Hour of Live Stream by @YerayDR of Outer Ring MMO Demo Game Play

Why OuterRing is /META/

The game’s economy is real in a sense that the game is operating with its own DEX system and laws, that are influenced and governed by the players themselves.

Players hold Exocredits (EXO), the official in-game currency, allowing direct interaction between the game / the world of cryptocurrencies and Galactic Quadrants (GQ) the governance token.

The way to acquire both tokens is diverse, ranging from trading items, crafting (or creating) items and then selling them, or completing in-game objectives and quests.


Welcome to the Great Silver City from Outer Ring’s Metaverse
Explore different planets and visiting neighboring cities in this epic open metaverse


Play with your friends or make new ones in this massive multiplayer environment with dynamic gameplay

RPG — Role Playing Game

Be who you want to be in Outer Ring, customize your character and play any role you desire with multiple classes, factions, and ways to evolve in the game


Hunt monsters and collect valuable resources which can be exchanged or sold for other cryptocurrencies
Team up with friends to take on powerful bosses to obtain valuable items & NFTs

Player-owned Economy

Set up shop and sell valuable items to other players collected from your guild or hunting expeditions


Outer Ring will be incorporating special portals and areas only accessible with MAGE Relic NFTs

Outer Ring Benefits

MetaBrands is happy to establish a long-term strategic alliance and will be supporting Outer Ring in different areas such as:

  • Expanding playerbase through our scholarship program with direct support from our gaming guilds and allies.
  • Strategic Networking & Relationships
  • Stimulating in-game economy with our scholarship program, including direct support from the MetaBrands Core Team & Advisors network
  • Event coordinating to boost the in-game user retention rate
  • Artist & Talent Relationships
  • Design & Landmark Contribution
  • Marketing & Community building
  • Funding Investment & other Advisory Services

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