Partnership: MetaBrands + StakeCube

3 min readNov 25, 2021

MetaBrands is happy to announce the official, strategic partnership with in efforts to expand a deeper presence in the Metaverse. Both projects will collaborate and create initiatives to establish a simple onboarding experience for new people and a more engaging experience for veterans. Some of the initiatives planned include: joint marketing campaigns, special NFT collections, DAO participation, joint participation for yield, project research and vetting, eSports collaborations, game development, and more.

After the launch of the MAGE Token and StakeCube’s v3 Release, there will be a series of releases and campaigns from both projects in efforts to help encourage, incentivize, and educate people on the Metaverse. Firstly, the MAGE token will be listed on StakeCube with several trading pairs. Following the listing of the MAGE token, there will be a trading competition where the top traders can earn rewards both in cryptocurrency and also NFTs. More information will be shared in the following weeks, where traders have a chance to earn rare MAGE Token Card NFTs on StakeCube.

Finally, StakeCube will be integrating the MAGE Relic NFTs on their platform and offering different benefits and perks to the owners. This means there will be even more rewards and benefits for owners of the MAGE Relic NFTs, outside of the MetaBrands ecosystem.

What is StakeCube?

StakeCube was created back in 2018 as an easy-to-use staking platform for Proof of Stake-based coins, which later transformed into an investing platform and cryptocurrency exchange with a wide range of assets and features outside of a traditional trading system. Within the entire ecosystem, it includes the native blockchain, coin, protocol, earning program, mining, eSports, and more. As StakeCube aspired to make blockchain development easier for the average person, they released their unique StakeCube Protocol (SCP). SCP is a smartchain layer supporting the independent, native StakeCube blockchain that allows for: tokens, NFTs, dApps, oracles, and other DeFi benefits.

StakeCube Ventures (SCV)

Recently, StakeCube opened up a new chapter of the ecosystem called StakeCube Ventures that invests in newly launched projects in the realms of web3 technology, DeFi, and the metaverse. The first investment that SCV made was in the Private Round for MetaBrands!

1,000 SCC Giveaway

To share a deep gratitude and excitement for this partnership with StakeCube, MetaBrands will be giving away 1,000 SCC! These 1,000 StakeCubeCoins can be used to setup 1 Masternode on and also provide 1 year of free hosting on the platform!

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Mana, Guardian of StakeCube

Promo NFT Event

Additionally, to celebrate this partnership, MetaBrands and StakeCube will be minting limited edition Promo NFTs of Mana, The GateKeeper wearing StakeCube-inspired gear. These NFTs will be minted on both the Ethereum Blockchain (5/5) and the StakeCube Blockchain (50/50). Initially, these NFTs will be minted as tokens of appreciation and gifts to be shared with the community, but their future uses cases are yet to be determined.

Be sure to follow the social media channels and stay tuned for the official NFT giveaway announcement coming soon after the first 1,000 SCC Giveaway.

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