Partnership: MetaBrands + Ferrum Network

3 min readJan 20, 2022

MetaBrands is excited to announce our latest strategic partnership with Ferrum Network! Our collaboration with Ferrum Network will strengthen the foundation of projects that MetaBrands Ventures(MBV) will be incubating by linking and connecting many ecosystems, communities, and market-ready services.

What is Ferrum Network?

Ferrum Network is a cross-chain Blockchain as a Service DeFi company that specializes in adding deflationary token utility and advisory services to projects across the crypto space.

With the mission of breaking down barriers to mass adoption in mind, Ferrum builds white-label blockchain solutions that empower startups and established organizations, enabling them to get their core products to market faster.

“Ferrum has always focused on building technology that can enable the adoption of crypto solutions for the masses. Our white label solutions power crypto and traditional projects, enabling them to get their product to market faster. The numbers speak for themselves. We’re proud of our success thus far, but we’re only getting started.”

Benefits for Ferrum

As MetaBrands supports and incubates new projects, the services provided by Ferrum Network would be recommended as the go-to service providers in the industry. This partnership will open new portals for Ferrum Network with onboarding new projects as well as cross-service endorsements.

With Ferrum being a trusted provider in this space, MetaBrands is confident in sharing potential deal flow with Ferrum Network to help co-incubate. This allows Ferrum community members a chance to participate in newer projects that may be easily oversubscribed.

MetaBrands will also support Ferrum by connecting players to games in the GameFi space with goals to create balanced scholarship programs that’s both rewarding for scholars and healthy for the game’s economy.

As a gaming alliance of Ferrum Network, MetaBrands can also assist projects currently incubated by Ferrum with:

- Provide funding and deploy resources to help incubate games in all stages of game development

- Facilitate advisory services with developers to help improve sustainable tokenomic models, game loops/mechanics, and integrations for scholars to support in-depth play-to-earn mechanics.

- Help to onboard new players by creating guilds in-game and share with the MetaBrands partners, guilds, and network

- Assist with game testing by providing game testers (alpha, beta, etc.) to later gather and consolidate user experience to help game devs have a better understanding of the player’s perspective

- MetaBrands will also offer additional marketing and content curation to support areas where projects and developers find their resources and expertise to be limited.

Benefits for MetaBrands

By partnering with Ferrum, MetaBrands will also share the benefits of potential deal flows from Ferrum, giving MAGE Relic Owners a chance to participate in projects we might have missed out on.

MetaBrands will also have direct access to Ferrum’s Blockchain as a Service products at discounted rates, ready to deploy when it’s needed or necessary.

Finder’s fees paid to MetaBrands for connecting projects with services provided by Ferrum will be added to Yield Airdrops as additional rewards to share with our community.

Connect with Ferrum Network!

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Looking to get your project incubated by MetaBrands or Ferrum? Shoot us an email at and let’s explore how MBV can contribute to the success of your project.

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